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 Taipei ITF, One of Asia's Biggest Travel Fairs


The most popular travel fair in the Asia-Pacific region and the biggest combined exhibition and sales event in Taiwan – Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF 2017) – will be held October 27th-30th, 2017, at the Taipei World Trade Center in Hall 1, in Area H on the 2nd floor of Hall 1 and in Hall 3.

In 2016, Taipei ITF had 950 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions, with the number of booths reaching 1,450. Through successful publicizing in the media, event planning, and joint promotional efforts by organizer and exhibitors, over four days Taipei ITF attracted 361,071 visitors, with more than NT$3 billion worth of transactions taking place. Taipei ITF was also featured in more than 4,000 domestic and international media reports, creating extensive business opportunities for exhibitors.

The aims of the Taiwan Visitors Association in holding Taipei ITF have always been to build a good platform for exchange and assist the domestic travel industry in linking up with its international counterparts. Not only are exhibitors strictly vetted before the event, quality is also followed up after the event. In the last 30 years, the core objective of Taipei ITF has always been to bring the world to Taiwan and to present Taiwan to the world. During Taipei ITF, new information on domestic and overseas travel, tourism cultural exchange, and accommodation and meal discount coupons are provided to visitors. With the guidance of the Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C., R.O.C., the Travel Mart is also held. Almost 100 travel operators (buyers) are invited to come to Taiwan to meet and talk business with exhibitors (sellers), increasing cooperation and business opportunities for the domestic tourism industry. In addition, the Travel Forum is held; for this event respected speakers from Taiwan and overseas are invited to discuss the current state of tourism in Taiwan and international tourism trends, providing the domestic tourism industry with the latest international market information.

With domestic and international tourism markets growing strongly, it is projected that more than 60 countries and regions will take part in Taipei ITF this year, allowing the various countries to effectively build a tourism image in Taiwan and attract visitors. With the industry attaching much importance to marketing benefits, Taipei ITF is also a major not-to-be-missed event on the calendar for domestic travel industry operators.

The Taiwan Visitors Association wishes to thank exhibitors for their many years of support that have allowed Taipei ITF to reach the scale it has today and to sincerely invite everyone to participate once again in Taipei ITF this year.